What is Bottleprint?
Bottle printing is a screen-printing process that applies ink directly to glass, hence the name Bottleprint.

How long Has Bottleprint been around?
Bottleprint has printed millions of glass bottles since starting in Napa in 1992. Now located in the former Flowmaster production facility, our new location will enable us to take your project to the next level and gives us the space to store your bottles, should that need arise prior to bottling.

Why print on a bottle when we already have a label?
Bottleprinting enables your brand to be distinctive and thus will add value to your brand. Due to its inherent ability to allow for greater design flexibility, an intense color hit and tactile feel to your bottles, Bottleprint will enable your brand to stand out in the increasingly crowded retail environment.

Printing on bottles produces substantially less waste than pressure sensitive labels. Plus, you’ll have zero label application costs and slow downs during bottling.

I have an unusual shape bottle, can you handle it?
Bottle printing overcomes labeling challenges like tapered or multi-shaped bottles. Also, unsightly wrinkles, bubbles and tears are eliminated. Your bottle is the canvas for your design, seamlessly integrating your bottle and “label.”

Is your process environmentally friendly?
We only use organic inks which display a much smoother and glossier finish and, importantly, carry more pigment, which packs more color hit, to grab a consumers attention.

100% Wind power offset reduces carbon footprint to near zero. This can be used as an environmental claim for your product.

It’s cool, but is it affordable?
Yes. Bottleprint is surprisingly competitive against pressure-sensitive labels on volumes less than 25,000 units.

We also print large format wine bottles. For wineries looking to cut costs in their large format program, a screen-printed label is a viable option at higher volumes.

How do we get started?
Contact us about your next project, whether it be printing your bottles or glassware and we’d be happy to supply you a price quote.