Digital Ceramic Printing on Glass

Printing on glass has never been easier or more beautiful. With our highly specialized process, you can now create vibrant custom designed bottles for beverage, food, and other products. Our customers have created many stunning custom direct to bottle labels – the possibilities are endless. Digital ceramic printing on glass is available in a wide range of designs, all in perfect photographic quality.

Printing on Glass

With digital ceramic printing on glass, whatever design you imagine can be printed directly to the bottle. There are a number of benefits to using digital ceramic ink:

  • The colors are brilliant and are available in a wide range of digitally mixed shades.
  • The technique is extremely durable, and the inks are highly resistant to scratching and UV and other elemental damage.
  • Digital ceramic inks are non-toxic, leaving the environmentally friendly glass fully recyclable.

Digital Ceramic Printing

Digital ceramic printing is a relatively new process – it was first patented in 1993. Before that, ceramic decorating was a fairly messy affair, involving liquid glazes and ceramic cover coats used with organic solvents. Today’s technology of printing ceramic pigments, or toner, on a laser printer are the result of inventor Michael Zimmer’s years of hard work. Zimmer simplified the reproduction of ceramic decoration to a mouse click and eliminated all the hazardous materials previously used in the process.

Applied ceramic labeling (ACL) is the application of ceramic inks to glass bottles by screen printing. As ceramic inks contain glass, they permanently fuse to the glass when subjected to intense heat. Printed containers are passed through a conveyor oven – known as a lehr – where the ceramic ink fuses to the bottle’s surface.

Once you have your label designed, the process is fairly simple:

  • Using the latest laser print technology, high quality images are produced.
  • The technique works for any bottle shape or size.
  • In general, colors tend to fire darker than the originals, so keep that in mind when preparing your artwork. Test runs will help you achieve as close a match as possible.

Benefits of Digital Ceramic Printing on Glass

Creative labeling promotes brand identity, marketability, and shelf appeal. One of the greatest benefits of direct printing on glass is the ability to use the entire bottle, including the neck, as a canvas. Another is its resistance to chipping and flaking. The bottom line is that no imprint is as durable or as beautiful as ACL.

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The proliferation of wine and gourmet food brands means competition is fierce and you have mere seconds to catch the consumer’s eye from the aisle. Next to taste, your product’s label is its biggest selling tool and is often the first impression people have of your beverage or food. Digital ceramic printing on glass will make sure your bottles stand out from the competition.

At Bottleprint, we can show you how to use digital ceramic printing on glass to create striking labels for your brand. Our customers rely on our expertise each step of the way, and we take great pride in producing quality direct to bottle labels that help brands succeed. Contact us today to learn more.